We are a research group in the State Key Laboratory of Digital Medical Engineering at Southeast University, China. We are developing the basic science and technology for bioelectronics.

As human beings, we are continuously gathering information from the outside (e.g., light, heat, pressure, smell and taste) and simultaneously generate various kinds of information-rich outputs (e.g., heartbeat, brain wave, secretion, metabolite) to the environment. The fundamental mechanism underlying all these processes is bioelectronic transduction of signal and/or energy. Understanding of these basic processes can help people to address quite a few crucial problems puzzling for very long time, for example, cognition, ageing and diseases, just to name a few.

The research projects in our group are focused in two main areas:

(1) Development of sensors for long-time, continuous, and imperceptible monitoring of information-rich inputs and outputs of human which provide tools for deciphering the process at the bioelectronic interface. (2) Development of electronic and/or electrochemical devices to regulate the bioelectronic process at the interface. (detailed research projects are available in Publication) The first direction leads to fundamental knowledge about ourselves as well as development of new apparatuses for diagnosis of diseases. The second one brings about new approaches for treatment and recovery of patients and special populations.

Therefore, the research projects in our group involve fundamental and applied research and development on various subjects (material, analytical chemistry, biomedical engineering and information technology). Students and faculty members with multidisciplinary backgrounds are currently working together in this group.

Welcome to join the group!